Could a Root Canal Help You?

How do you know if you might need a root canal? Sometimes, the answer is painfully obvious. If you feel severe aching and pressure in your mouth that doesn’t go away, or noticeable sensitivity and root-canal-painswelling in your gums, don’t wait — come in to our office for evaluation and treatment right away!

From time to time, however, anyone may experience some degree of tooth discomfort. Not all of it is necessarily caused by problems in the root canal. For example, a short-lived sensitivity to hot or cold liquids or foods isn’t usually a sign of a serious problem — it may be a loose filling, a small area of decay or an exposed root surface. Likewise, tooth sensitivity that lasts for a day or two after dental treatment is often benign.

But sharp pain that occurs when you bite down, pain that lingers after you’ve consumed hot or cold food or drinks, or a constant ache from an area that’s hard to pinpoint may all be symptoms of infection or inflammation within the root canal. Only a dentist can tell for sure whether the pulp tissue deep inside the tooth is the cause of your pain — but if it is, a root canal procedure is a safe and effective way of relieving the pain and preventing further damage.