Microsurgery: Better than Ever Before

Over the last 10-15 years, the field of endodontics has changed dramatically with considerable improvements in particular in the area of endodontic surgery! In fact, studies have shown that the traditional method of apicoectomy was fifty percent less successful than the current microsurgical success rate.

Microsurgery-Better-than-EverWhy? The most important reason for the increased success rate has to do with the microsurgical materials and instruments themselves.

Here we offer a run-down of benefits of modern microsurgery over traditional apicoectomy methods:

  • Visual Enhancements – The microscope offers a more accurate visualization (both magnification and illumination) of infected canals and irregular anatomies, which leads to better identification and treatment.
  • Smaller Osteotomy – Better visualization and smaller instruments allows us to work within smaller osteotomies. This reduces the amount of bone that needs removing and therefore offers a quicker healing time and reduces the risk of tooth loss down the road.
  • Better Access to Difficult Areas: With microsurgery, we have enhanced access to narrow spaces and other difficult anatomical sites for irrigation.
  • Less Damage: Enhanced visualization allows us to avoid damaging nerves and the maxillary sinus.
  • Better Cleaning of the Apical Canal Space: Traditionally it has been very difficult to fully sterilize the apical canal space because it is very complex in its anatomy.
  • Enhanced Root-End Fillings: Ultrasonic tips are now specially designed to allow for preparation without reducing visibility – this results in a better seal of the filling.

All of these advancements help us save more teeth than we ever could before!