Younes Safa, DDS

Meet Dr. Safa

Dr. Younes Safa - Endodontist in Torrance California Dr. Safa attended the University of Minnesota to accomplish his under-graduate studies and obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the USC in 1990.

After practicing general dentistry and growing more passionate for the field through teaching, he was compelled to return to academia to complete his certification in Endodontics at USC in 1993. For the past 25 years he has remained fully committed and passionately dedicated his life to teaching and practicing Endodontics. He has respectfully and honorably held academic positions both nationally and internationally. Dr. Safa is commended by many for being a proud recipient of the “American Association of Endodontics (AAE) Award.” His knowledge and wisdom have been a great desire which has led him to lecture extensively and has even published numerous research projects and articles.

Dr. Safa is sought after not only for his persistency in meeting his lifetime patients’ needs, but for his character and welcoming demeanor. He is empathetic to every one who enters his office. To him it is his life’s work. Root canals are definably his specialty in meeting countless satisfied smiles. A patient’s only regret is not coming sooner. Dr. Safa continuously strives for the best, and brings everyone with him … his passion for the field is contagious, as his work atmosphere reflects.

“For me Endo was love at first sight! I can remember the first day of our pre-clinical endo course. I found it both challenging and intriguing. Even after all these years I still look forward to going to work and treating my patients.”

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